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Tax Deadline

April 15, 2025

Check back for next year.


Miller CPA is a full service, boutique accounting firm established in Cambridge in 2017. With certified training and expansive financial knowledge, we are equipped to handle all your accounting needs. We have experience in individual tax, corporate tax, business consulting, and international tax. Our practice focuses on individuals and businesses with
complex tax issues. Our clients come to us from all backgrounds and various market spaces. If you are interested in beginning a conversation, please contact us.

What our Clients Say

… I am so happy that I decided to eat the Turbo Tax bill and pay Dave. I had already done my on Turbo Tax. However, I must have made mistakes that it did not catch. Dave saved me double what he charges, also found some other things with a house I sold, etc. Very responsive, fair pricing, great job. That’s it, never doing my taxes again by myself. Also planning to do some tax advising with Dave later in the year.

Mark T.

Business Partner
Just started a small business and Dave was phenomenal. He was very responsive, explained the work he was doing so I could follow along, handled the unfair timeline we imposed with grace, and made the whole process just about as pleasant as taxes could possibly be. We’re quite price-sensitive and Dave was excellent value, especially given his proficiency and depth of knowledge. We’ll be using him every year going forwards now.

Jessica H.

Small Business Owner
I have worked with him for 3 years and he’s been a pleasure each year. He has done my taxes since I lived in New York, I was connected to him through my parents, and he still does my taxes now that I have moved. Moving to different states created issues for me with my job but he took care of everything like it was easy for him. He is thorough and consistently spends time to answer any questions that I have.

Lonnie W.